• Organic Compost 2 x 40 Lts Bags

In September 2013 we launched our certified organic compost. It is the only certified organic compost that is manufactured in Ireland.

An independent scientific plant trial indicated that our compost produced better and stronger plants that had higher fruit yields than the most widely available imported certified organic compost. It also out preformed a leading conventional multipurpose compost. These findings are reflected by the testimonies of those who have used it.

The compost is produced on our commercial worm farm and it is created when the worms digest their bedding material converting it into rich organic compost also known as “Worm Cast”.

Due to delivery costs it's much more cost effective to buy 2 bags than 1 bag.

Living Green compost is available via our website.

If you wish to become a stockists or you are a commercial grower please give us a call on 07974177713 to receive a substantial discount on the retail price.

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Organic Compost 2 x 40 Lts Bags

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