• Wheatgrass Growing Kit

Save money by growing your own fresh wheatgrass with this all-inclusive growing kit.

Items list:

1.  25 Litres of organic compost(enough for 10 trays)

2.  2 kg certified organic wheat seeds wheat seeds (enough for 10 trays)

3.  4 durable seed trays

4. Instructions

5.  1 x 30ml/1 oz shot measure





Frequently Asked Questions About Growing Your Own Wheatgrass

Q. Is it easy to grow your own wheatgrass?

A. Yes, it only requires commitment. Not forgetting to water each day is essential.

Q. Does it take long to grow?

A. It takes about two weeks from soaking the seeds until it is ready for harvest.

Q. Where do you grow it?

A. You can grow it wherever there is light – close to a window, skylight or in a conservatory. It can be grown out of doors in summer but has to be protected from hot sunshine, and from pets or wild animals.

Q. Where can I get more seeds when I use those supplied in the kit?

A.  Living Green carries a stock of seeds.

Q. Where can I get compost and what type should I use?

A. Living Green supply an organic compost that has been specially developed for growing wheat grass.

Q. How long will a tray of wheatgrass last?

A. If just one person uses one ounce/30ml of juice each day one tray should last a week. If it grows faster than it is being used it is best to cut the whole tray-full and keep the cut wheatgrass in a sealed bag in the fridge.

Q. How long will the wheatgrass keep in the fridge?

A. It should keep for at least one week.

Q. How do I harvest the wheatgrass?

A. When the wheatgrass is about 8” /20cm tall cut at the bottom closest to the soil with a sharp knife or a scissors and feed slowly into a masticating juicer.

Q. Will the wheatgrass keep growing once it has been cut?

A. Yes it will grow back but the second time it will be weaker. If it is green it is fine to use it.

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Wheatgrass Growing Kit

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